2 Identity theft and fraud prevention web-based application

JostKYC Guide

JostKYC is a secure web-based platform for carrying-out verification using methods that tend to retrieve and validate provided details. These details are inspected for coherence. In the world of today there can be no better option to register your users and verify their details.

With personal functions, you can manage your account, monitor all requests and transactions. The personal functions includes the following sections:

  • Verification Requests: check log of all your requests. View request data.
  • Merchant Settings: Setup request connection parameter for a secure and reliable request and manage connection ID. Setup merchant name and logo to customize KYC Interface
  • Subscribed: KYC monthly subscription for verification units . This function uses 'Jostpay' secure third-party payment processor.
  • Verify Account: Allows you to verify your account with JostKYC

Request is the platform core functionality. For Nigeria, users can choose between Bank and License option for verfication. Verification is done by collecting and retrieving user details before manually inspecting for coherence. A status response is sent back to the callback url within two (2) hours.

Kindly note the following concerning all request:

  • All successful requests are charged. Charges are deducted directly from merchant. A unit is charged per request. Account is debited as soon as a successful bank or license request stage is reached for Nigeria or as soon as the photo capture stage is reached for other countries
  • All request require a working webcam and recent broswer.