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Instant Verification

There are no delays with verification processes, users get result instantly. With this feature, increased sales and productivity is guaranteed.

Real Time Capture

In a bid to know the exact user interacting with your web/mobile interface, we implemented a live facial capture to our verification protocol.

Strict Cross-check

After verification submission, proper check is being done to asertain all provided informations are correct before final approval.

Simple Verification That Works


With the camera technology, we will capture user's face. Capturing the live face of your website/mobile user's makes it impossible for your client to deny using your web/mobile app.


Users are required to upload a valid ID CARD, we accept international passport, drivers's license, voters and NIM cards. The uploaded ID's will be used to match other details provided which includes your face capture. Bank Name and BVN name. This feature is available in Nigeria.


Our API documentation is available for all users. Feel free to checkout the API page to get more information on integration parameters required to connect with jostkyc


Every information provided by user is neatly passed to merchant to determine verification success or failure. This is done for 100% affirmation.

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JostKYC is a simple and effective verification tool that saves your business from fraudsters. Integrate JostKYC with your business today and experience genuine streams of users with the intention to do business and not to defraud.

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